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Well since my journal tends to just sit around collecting dust for months on end, I decided to leave up a couple of shameless plugs this entry XD

My Pokemon Fansite a Pokemon fansite with free images, resources, articles, podcasts and features on Moltres!

My online store
BattleAxe Games & Entertainment, a small business specialising in games, pop-culture collectibles and rare and exclusive merchandise. We also have a wide range of anime, manga, trading cards and TCG accessories!

So for anyone who is actually interested, I'll just quickly go over my personal life shenanigans. I currently live with my boyfriend of 4 years, Ash (better known as Yelsha42 online). I have just started a course studying advanced web design, and I also work from home on me and Ash's online store, BattleAxe. It's a lot of work, and the list of things to do grows every day. I've found I'm starting to enjoy domestic things that I only thought of as a chore until I suddenly had the responsibility of upkeeping my own house. I have discovered I actually really like gardening, cooking and cleaning. There's something so satisfying about being in a sparkling house you spent the whole day cleaning. I'm missing my friends and family who I'm currently living on the other side of the state from, but ultimately I'm pretty happy with where I am at the moment.

Yup, life is good :D
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So after 3 years my boyfriend Ashley finally convinced me to watch Digimon. Not that I had ever been totally against the idea, but it didn't particularly appeal to me either. I tried as hard as I could to be subjective, but with it having so many similarities to Pokémon I found it was hard not to compare them.

The main concept of Digimon is interesting enough that I plan to continue watching it- so far I'm up to the bit where the kids got rid of Devimon and are making their way to Server. I'm also interested to see how the plot pans out regarding the whole DigiDestined thing.

There are several things that annoy me about the series so far, most of them are Mimi. It's gotten to the point where I want to punch her in her bitching mouth every time she appears on screen. In fact most of the human characters annoy me in some way or another. Joe's whining gets irritating very quickly, and Izzy's use of long words is really unnecessary. Tai seems very hot-headed and stubborn but this might later prove to be a strength in his character. Matt is too arrogant, but I suppose him caring about his brother so much gives him a little more depth.

T.K. and Sora are the only ones who I don't particularly hate, mostly because they haven't had enough screen time to show much of their unique personality. That's another problem- with there being so many main characters, it's hard for each individual to be really developed. Ashley told me they get split up later though, so that will probably give each character a little more time to shine.  

As far as the Digimon themselves are concerned, I have mixed feelings. Most are okay, some I really like and some I don't like at all. My favourites are Patamon and Birdramon (trust me to like the phoenix character). There seems to be a lack of consistency with the character designs- some are very simple and cartoony while others are incredibly detailed- this makes it hard to pinpoint elements that make them uniquely "Digimon". It's great that they talk, because after 15 seasons of Pokémon you get really sick of monster characters only screeching their name.

Of course growing up with Pokémon, it's hard not to compare digivolving with evolving. It seems that some Digimon digivolve into a more powerful looking version of their normal form, and others like Patamon go from a winged ball of cuteness into a red-headed angel. Again there's this lack of consistency that is somewhat off-putting.

The art style is nice, especially the backgrounds. They really give the feeling of being in a different universe and they are visually appealing. One thing that I think could have been improved was the lack of expression on the Digimon characters' faces. They rarely seem to change the look on their face even when angered or happy.

One of the things I applaud Toei Animation for is not being like 4 Kids was with Pokémon, and editing out every hint of Japanese text and westernising everything. Though I did nearly have a fit when they referred to hiragana as "Digi Code".

So yeah those are my thoughts on Digimon! Turned out I had a lot more to say than I thought XD While there are some things that annoy me about the series, the concept and plot is enough for me that I want to keep watching the series.
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Hi! I've finally finished school so I'll probably be a little more active on DA now. I'm also between jobs at the moment so I thought I'd open comissions for something to do with my time............ and get a little extra cash XD If you're interested you can see pricing info at the end of this journal.

So, what's been going on with me? I'm moving into a new place with my boyfriend, Yelsha42 (going strong 3 years now!!). I am waiting for my year 12 exam results back. I think I did pretty good, too! And as I mentioned I am looking for a new job, hopefully a permanent full-time position in the childcare industry. In the meantime I've been working hard on lots of my personal projects- new artworks, updating my website, designing an online shop layout, holding a contest for the MoltresFanClub, as well as plenty of other stuff to keep me busy. So, yes! Everything is fine and dandy. How are you?~

Examples of my work and pricing info (all prices are in USD).
I am better at drawing animals, mythical creatures and Pokemon but I will take all requests for comissions. I am not great at drawing humans but I can give it a shot O.o
My comissions are not just limited to digital art... I can also do animations, textiles, sculptures, web design and more! Contact me if you're interested in anything like this specifically ^v^

Detailed digital painting with full background (examples: [link] [link])
Price: $25-$35 depending on complexity of picture

Outlined cartoon (examples: [link] [link])
Price: $10 (optional +$3 for a simple background)

Watercolour painting (you will be mailed the physical painting) (examples: [link] [link])
Price: $12-$20 depending on complexity of picture (plus shipping)

Lineart (sent in Photoshop file format for you to colour in!) (examples: [link])
Price: $3-$5 depending on complexity of picture

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to send me a note or an email at moltres-93(@) and I will provide more info on how the process works. See my gallery for more examples of my artwork!

Thanks for reading ^v^
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Can you believe it's been more than three years since I started this thing??

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I busted a lot of money late last year trying to deal with a paid host, but most of it went down the drain due to the host's general unhelpfullness when I came accross a problem. So my site's actually been finished for a while, but it took some time finding a new host and the like. So now I present to you all,! - a website featuring Moltres, Pokemon articles and free images.
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That website I used to rave on about last year? It's actually been finished for quite some time now. The problem was that my host was being an absolute douche and I just couldn't get it up and running. The staff were extremely unhelpful every time I needed help with a problem and in the end I ended up wasting a lot of money. BUT, quite recently I've become aware of a free website host with no pop-ups or ad banners... I'm currently in the process of copy/pasting all the HTML into the new host's web builder. Watch this space if you want to know what the hell this is all about... I expect my website to be up and running within the next couple of months!

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Haha you didn't think I'd be gone forever did you? :D

So much has happened lately! College is GREAT! I have awesome new friends, all my subjects are heaps of fun and I'm doing quite well in all of them. I have art every day in my timetable, I've joined the school jazz band and I never have to touch maths again! 8D I've FINALLY gotten a job interview after nearly a year of job hunting. Hopefully I will be getting a job at my local library, which is a government paid job, which means I get paid something ridiculous like $20 an hour XD Happy as ever with my boyfriend Ashley, we're coming up to nearly 2 years now!! :) We continue to run our Pokemon TCG League together and we've been getting lots of new kids lately which is good.. :)

I have new friends, a new school, a new job, a new band... and it's all working out really well. I don't think my life could be much better at this point in time. Prepare yourself for some PROPER art from me this year... Yes, that's right! I'm not just drawing cartoons anymore! XD

Missed you all <3
-Molty :heart:


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